About Us

Red de Acción Comunitaria is a model for the use of open souce technology to create awareness and foster action in the solution of social and environmental issues in communities. We work with people in vulnerable areas to generate capacities for action, and to implement solutions which involve technology to improve their social dynamics.


Community Design

We believe that rural and urban communities can learn social innovation skills to tackle social and environmental problems. We show this by building capabilities for designing and prototyping solutions that may involve human and technological components suited for their environments.

Capacity Building

Civic participation develops through informed citizens. We help communities to learn how to monitor relevant environmental and social variables, to share information and engage with others in their area, and to articulate problem-solving initiatives in their settings with with their neighbors to prevent, mitigate, and prepare together.


We develop and use digital technologies to help measure, communicate, and coordinate communities for different settings. Technologies require experts, and experts require ideas that can only be born through citizen participation, testing and monitoring.

In Development


Award-winner Torogoz is our prime example of social dynamics through technology and citizen participation for natural disasters.


An educational version of Torogoz, Colibrí was designed to train local manufacturers to develop and test technology on the field.


We designed a card game to teach communities how to assemble an emergency kit. This game is under development with support from Public Lab.